Dear influencer

We think you are pretty cool!

Welcome to the GRUNT influencers guidelines.
You have been "cherrypicked" to represent our brand on social media and events.

So first of all. Welcome to the GRUNT family.
We are super happy that you are now a solid part of our brand. With this also comes big responsibility.

We respectfully expect you to follow these guidelines, as a part of our collaboration:

1. Use Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TicToc, Snapchat and/or blog 



2. Provide all material with the hashtag #grunt and tag


3. Remember to note in your post that it's sponsored, and the specific sort of sponsorship.
(giveaway, sponsored, competition, gift/present) 



4. Be you and do it your way. We chose you, because we believe in you. So do your thing.




Also please notice:

- If you are under the age of 18, we ask you to inform your parents about the specific collaboration.


That's about it, if you need to contact us, reach out: 


Chief Marketing Officer / SoMe 

Phone: +45 96600222
Mail: /